Grebel Now Newsletter
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After analyzing the Grebel Now Newsletter, I concluded that the document is well designed, especially in its consistent use of key elements, including a typical three column structure, spot colour, well marked headings and subheadings and good typeface choices.

The newsletter makes excellent use of the spot colour red. The Conrad Grebel logo is black, white and red which corresponds to the colours used throughout the document; the text is black, the paper is white and the headings are red. In addition, a lighter shade of red is used to draw attention to special elements such as pictures.

The headings and subheadings appear in a bold sans serif typeface. The sans serif headings contrast well with the serif body text, which aids readability. Furthermore,the sans serif body text enables readers to easily read the long passages of text.

Items that are not related are separated well throughout the document. The unrelated text is separated by thin rules. In addition, the end of each article is signaled by a small Grebel logo.

The elements on the front page of the newsletter are all laid out well. The most salient element is the 'Grebel Now' heading which appears in a large serif typeface. The subheading appears in a sans serif typeface with plenty of kerning between each character. The volume number and date are easy to find and read because they have plenty of white space around them and appear in the red box on the left hand side of the page with other important information. The information about what's inside the newsletter is also easy to find and read as is the contact information for the college.

The graphics in the newsletter are placed well throughout the articles and do not hinder the readability of the text. In addition, the captions under the graphics are placed in close proximity to the corresponding picture so the reader does not have to hunt for the information.