Looney Spoons Cook Book
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The design of the Looney Spoons cook book co-ordinates well with the ethos of the cook book. The cook book is filled with clever titles, cartoons and bright colours which reinforce the fun ethos the creators of the cook book intended.

The table of contents is easy to read but also brightly coloured and fun for the audience. Each chapter has a specific colour associated with it. This colour use is repeated throughout a given chapter's title page and through the chapter page numbers. This use of colour co-ordination constitutes each chapter, with its title in the TOC, its specific title page and individual pages as a distinct unit. The typeface the TOC employs is a sans serif script font that works well with the ethos of the book--it is rather informal and reminiscent of handwriting--and is also easy to read.

Each page is consistently designed using a three column setup. The recipes are all located on the outer edges of the page for ease of reading. Information about fat content and other interesting facts are located closest to the spine because it is not as important that the audience can easily read this information. All of the recipes are in yellow boxes which makes them easily distinguishable from the rest of the information on the page.

The headlines appear in a script font which changes from page to page. However, each headline like 'Say It Ain't So' consistently appears in the same typeface from page to page. The recipe titles appear in the same sans serif script typeface used in the table of contents making them easy to read and consistent with the rest of the design. The body text of the recipes is a serif font making the instructions easy to read. The body text of the side information appears in a sans serif typeface. Usually the information is in small sections so this isn't a big problem for readability.

The cook book's index is clearly organized and easy to navigate through. In addition, the authors anticipated well how the audience would use the index and have included alternate terms for the same item.