pick some document that interests you (for reasons of attraction or repulsion, or, i guess, both) and figure out what makes it tick. then tell us. you'll need to pay attention to the rhetorical situation of the document-which means, minimally, genre and audience-and the elements that carry the communicative freight of the message. do not use an ad as your document (yes, they are documents, but using them overlaps too much with other rpw courses).


you can double up with your journal here: your presentation can (and probably should) be on one of the documents discussed in your journal.


no more than ten minutes.


stand up and talk, gesticulate.

you might want to prepare handouts. you might need an overhead. you might want to use a computer network. make all arrangements beforehand.

oratorical brilliance will help you, and drooling incoherence will hurt you. but it's the 'content' i will attend to most closely, not the 'style'. and the features of content that will determine your grade are (1) the quality of the analysis, and (2) the relevance of both the document and (especially) your treatment of it to the concerns of the course.