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  1. Directory of Graduate Schools
  2. 1.1. General

    1. International Where+How new.gif - 0.15 K
            International Distance Learning Course Finder

    2. Lifelong Learning, Adult Education and Distance Learner's Resource Center
            Directory of Online Colleges, Internet Universities, and Training Institutes

    3. Redmond, Chris
            Canadian Universities (links to US, Europe, worldwide)

    4. Segal, Erez
            Canadian Campus Programs
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   (economics)  update.gif - 0.15 K

    1.2. Economics Specific

    1. Economics Institute of the American Economic Association
            The Economics Institute Guide To Graduate Study
            in Economics & Agricultural Economics in the USA & Canada

            over 170 programs in economics and agricultural economics
            order from Eno River Press:

    2. Giles, David
            University Economics Departments, Faculties & Centres: Non-U.S.A

    3. Graduate Management Admission Council
            The MBA Explorer (searchable over 500 MBA programs worldwide)
   (MBA programs)

    4. Price, Ed
            EconSpace: U.S. Economics Departments on the Internet

    5. Zimmermann, Christian
            Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World

    1.3. University Ranking new.gif - 0.15 K

    1. Asia Week
            The Best Universities in Asia (top 10 and 65 best)

    2. Leiter, Brian
            The Philosophical Gourmet Report, 1998-2000:
            A Ranking of U.S. Graduate Programs in Analytic Philosophy
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    3. Davis, Geoff
            PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources
            The Grad School Survey
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    4. U.S. News
            2001 Graduate Schools Rankings (United States)
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  3. Graduate Entrance Exams
  4. 2.1. TOEFL & TSE

    1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
      Test of Spoken English (TSE)

    2. TOEFL Test Information for Vietnam  update.gif - 0.15 K
       Time   Information Bulletin   Location   Test Type 
       Jul 2000 to Sep 2000       Paper 
       Oct 2000 to Jun 2001   821 DaNang   Computer   822 Hanoi   Computer   825 HCM City   Computer 

    3. Registration office in Vietnam:
      Institute of International Education (IIE)
            City Gate Building, 104 Tran Hung Dao [Trn Hßng ÐÕo] Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
            Tel: 84 (4) 822-40936
            Fax: 84 (4) 822-3642
            Email:  update.gif - 0.15 K
            Website:  update.gif - 0.15 K

    4. US Committee for Scientific Cooperation with Vietnam [y Ban Hþp Tác Khoa Hc Vi®t MÛ]
      Vietnam Educational Exchange Program (VEEP)
      runs TOEFL twice a year (Jun/Dec) in Vietnam free to qualified students
      • USA
            Dr. Judith Ladinsky
            University of Wisconsin, 109 Bradley Memorial
            1300 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706-1532, USA
      • Hanoi
            Dr. Nhung, Director of International Office, Ministry of Education & Training
            Mr. Minh, National Center for Science & Technology
            Mr. Tu, Director of International Office, Vietnam National University
      • Hue
            Mr. Le Minh Dieu, Hue University
      • Ho Chi Minh City
            Ministry of Education and Training
            National Center for Science & Technology
            Vietnam National University-HCMC
            Federation of Scientists

    2.2. GRE

    1. Graduate Record Examinations, US$96 (USA); US$120 (international) (online registration) (free publications) (paper-based test center list, 344K) (economics descriptive booklet, 621K) (economics subject test, 258K)

    2. Region Registration Center 6 (Asia) for Vietnam:
      Sylvan Learning Systems BV
          PO Box 12964, 50794 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Tel: +60-3-467-8610
          Fax: +60-3-467-8606

    2.3. GMAT

    1. Graduate Management Admission Test, US$150 (USA); US$195 (international) (online registration)

    2. Region Registration Center 6 (Asia) for Vietnam:
      Sylvan Learning Systems BV
          PO Box 12964, 50794 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
          Tel: +60-3-467-8610
          Fax: +60-3-467-8606

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  5. Student Visas & Immigration
  6. 3.1. Canadian Immigration

    1. newsgroup: misc.immigration.canada
      discussion group on Canadian immigration matters
      (mostly on permanent residence but some on temporary student visas)

    2. Chang, Henry J. Chang & Boos Immigration Law Web Site.
            student visa and Canadian Student Authorization
            Canadian Immigration Handbook

    3.2. US Immigration

    1. newsgroup: misc.immigration.usa
      general discussion group on American immigration matters
      (mostly on permanent residence but some on temporary student visas)

    2. Chang, Henry J. Chang & Boos Immigration Law Web Site.
            student visas (F1 and M1)
            exchange visitor visas (J1)
            US Immigration Handbook

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  7. Tips, Notes & Guides
  8. 4.1. General

    1. Australian Education International (AEI)
            Studying in Australia

    2. Burrell, David
            Getting In: An Applicant's Guide to Graduate School Admissions, July 1995
            order from: The Graduate Group
            PO Box 370351, West Hartford, CT 06137-0351, USA

    3. desJardins, Marie
            How to Succeed in Graduate School: A Guide for Students and Advisors
            1994/12 Crossroad 1.2
            1995/02 Crossroad 1.3

    4. International Education Service
            American Education: A Guide to the U.S. Educational System & Application Process

    5. Kantrowitz, Mark
            Financial Aid for International Students

    6. NAFSA: Association of International Educators
            Asian Crisis Center: A Resource for Students and Educators

    7. Study in the USA, Inc.
            Study in the USA: A Resource for International Students

    4.2. Vietnamese Specific

    1. Le Tu Quoc Thang [Lê Tñ Quc Thng]
            V Vi®c Xin Teaching Assistantship Ð Ði Làm PhD MÛ
            [Getting Teaching Assistantship for PhD Students in the United States]
            for Vietnamese graduate students of mathematics, in Vietnamese, April 1997

    2. Nguyen Cong Thanh [Nguyn Công Thanh]
            The VNSA Study Abroad FAQ, Jan 1997

    3. Nguyen Huy Thong [Nguyn Huy Thông]
            Tips for Students Considering Study in the USA and Canada, Oct 1999

    4. TC4Babo (a group of unidentified Vietnamese students in the US)  update.gif - 0.15 K
            A Guide to Applying for University Study in the U.S.
            Specially Adapted for Vietnamese Students

                  mailing list:

    5. Value Added Service Centre (VASC), Vietnam new.gif - 0.15 K
            Study Abroad Program (Vietnamese & English)

    6. Vietnamese International Students (VINS) at Houston, Texas, USA new.gif - 0.15 K

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