Blake, Gender and Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century

15-16 July 2010, The Christopher Room, St Aldate's Church, Oxford, UK


Thursday 15 July


9:00am - 9:25am Registration and Welcome; Vere Street commemorative moment by Christopher Z. Hobson


9:30am - 11:00am Session 1


Christopher Room, Kevin Hutchings chairing

Angus Whitehead, 'The loving [is formed] to associate': The Sexual Life of Catherine B.

Magnus Ankarsjö, Sowing Sand all over: Abstinence and Free Love, or William Lost in Paradise

Mark Crosby (unfortunately not in attendance; paper to be read by Angus Whitehead), Catherine Sophia Blake: 'An Excellent Helpmeet'


Meeting Room, David Fallon chairing

Minne Tanaka, Female Figures in Twelve Large Colour Prints

Valerie Doulton, Blake's Visions of Freedom and Repression as Staged by The Live Literature Company

Susanne Sklar, 'The Place of the Last Judgment'


11:00am Coffee


11:30am - 1:00pm Session 2


Christopher Room, Nick Williams chairing

Kevin Hutchings, Sex, Sensuality, and the Material World in Blake's Garden of Love

Elizabeth Bernath Walker, 'In What Gardens Do Joys Grow?': Queer Botanizing in Blake's Visions, Wollstonecraft's Vindication and Darwin's Botanic Garden

Susan Matthews, 'The Earth mov'd': Cowper, Darwin, Blake and the Birth of 'Sexuality'


Meeting Room, Steve Clark chairing

Lucy Cogan, Sex and Violence in The Book of Ahania and The Four Zoas

Michelle Leigh Gompf, Ripped from Complacency: Violence and Feminist Moments in Blake


1:00pm - 2:15pm Lunch


2:15pm - 3:45pm Session 3


Christopher Room, Keri Davies chairing

Gerda Norvig (presenter) and Jeffrey Robinson (co-author, unfortunately not in attendance), Gender, Counterpoetics and the Politics of Mutual Forgiveness in Blake's 'Pickering Manuscript'

Steve Clark, Blake's Closet Drama


Meeting Room, Marsha Keith Schuchard chairing

Georgia Dimitrakopoulou, Thel and Oothoon: Beauty and Self-Destruction

David Shakespeare, 'The Sight of All These Things': Vision and Obscurity in Blake's Milton

Sean Nelson, 'A Body Repugnant to the Lamb': Blake's Attack on Chastity in Jerusalem


3:45pm Tea


4:15pm-5:15pm Session 4


Christopher Room, Helen Bruder chairing

Christopher Z. Hobson, Normalizing Perversity: Tenth-Anniversary Reflections on Blake and Homosexuality

Friday 16 July


9:30am - 11:00am Session 5


Christopher Room, Susan Matthews chairing

David Worrall, Dorothy Gott and Female Prophets in Blake

Marsha Keith Schuchard, 'A Secret Common to Our Blood': The Visionary Erotic Heritage of William Blake, Thomas Butts, and Mary Butts


Conference Room, Sibylle Erle chairing

Peter Otto, Blake, Enoch, Swedenborg, and the Contours of Phallic Sexuality

Ayako Wada, The Hidden Love Triangle and Adulterous Birth in Blake’s The Four Zoas


11:00am Coffee


11:30am - 1:00pm Session 6


Christopher Room, Shirley Dent chairing

Bethan Stevens, The Virgil Wood-Engravings Out of Scale: Blake's Gigantic, Masculine Pastoral

Catherine McClenahan, Sweet Transvestites?: Gender and Sexuality in Blake's Later Works

Tony Rosso, The Last Strumpet: Harlotry and Hermaphrodism in Blake's Rahab


Conference Room, Elizabeth Bernath Walker chairing

Elizabeth Effinger, Matrixial Borderspace and The Book of Thel: Rethinking the Feminine

Young-ok An, The Female Body and the Drinking Cup in Blake

David Fallon, Phyloprogenitive Blake


1:00pm - 2:15pm Lunch


2:15pm - 3:45pm Session 7


Christopher Room, Bethan Stevens chairing

Bill Goldman, Jerusalem the Lilly

Galina Tokareva, Mother and Child Archetype in Blake's Poetry

Keri Davies, William Blake and the Sexuality of Christ


Conference Room, Catherine McClenahan chairing

Paige Morgan, The Hinges on the Doors of Marriage: Technology and Sexuality in the work of William Blake and Stelarc

Tim Heath, A paper entitled Tittle

Tom Mayberry, Hélyos and Ceylèn [A Poison Tree]


3:45pm Tea


4:15pm-5:15pm Session 8


Christopher Room, Tristanne Connolly chairing

Shirley Dent, 'Tender curb': William Blake, Sex and Censorship

Philippa Simpson, Blake and Pornography


Afterwards: Informal Dinner and Celebration!

at Al-Shami Lebanese Restaurant, 25 Walton Crescent, Oxford

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