COGSCI 600 Readings

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11 May
Harris, Randy. (2002.) Knowing, science, rhetoric. Visions and revisions: issues in rhetoric and composition. James Williams, ed. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 163-219.
18 May
Meaney, M.J. (2001.) Nature, Nurture and the Disunity of Knowledge. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 935, 50 - 61.

Quartz, S. R., & Sejnowski, T. J. (1997.) The neural basis of cognitive development: A constructivist manifest. Behavioral and Brain Sciences,20, 537 - 596.

Wainwright, P E.(2004.) Nature/Nurture: Integration through Constructivism? Developmental Psychobiology, 45, 97 - 100.

Anndersen, S.L. (2003.) Trajectories of brain development: point of vulnerability or window of opportunity. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 27, 3-18.

Wainwright1.pdf, Wainwright2.pdf, Wainwright3.pdf, Wainwright4.pdf
25 May
What is a genome? National Center for Biotechnology Information Brown.html
1 June
Hovy, Eduard H. (1990.) Pragmatics and Natural Language Generation, Artificial Intelligence, 43, 153-197 DiMarco.pdf
8 June
McMurry, Andrew. (2003.) Excerpt from Environmental Renaissance: Emerson, Thoreau, and the Systems of Nature (from Chapter Three: Emerson’s Environments). University of Georgia Press. McMurry.pdf
15 June
Shelley, Cameron. (2002.) Analogy counterarguments and the acceptability of analogic hypotheses. British Journal of the Philosophy of Science, 53, 477-496.

Shelley, Cameron. (2004.) Analogical reasoning with animal models in biomedical research.

22 June
Morris, John S. (August 2002.) How do you feel? TRENDS in Cognitive Sciences, 6 , 8, 317-319.

Thagard, Paul. (2005.) Emotions. Exerpt from Mind: Introduction to Cognitive Science, 2nd edition. Cambridge: MIT Press.

29 June
Hipel, Keith W. A Systems Engineering Approach to Conflict Resolution Hipel.pdf
6 July

Danckert, James, and Susanne Ferber. Revisiting unilateral neglect.

Ferber, Susanne, and James Danckert. Lost in space – the fate of memory representations for nonneglected stimuli.

Husain, Masud,  and Chris Rorden (January 2003.) Non-spatially lateralized mechanisms in hemispatial neglect. Nature Reviews—Neuroscience 4, 26-36.

13 July
Eliasmith, Chris. Cognition with neurons: A large-scale, biologically realistic model of the Wason task.

Eliasmith, Chris. (2003.) Moving Beyond Metaphors: Understanding the Mind for What it is (Penultimate draft.) Journal of Philosophy, C(10):493-520.

Eliasmith1.pdf, Eliasmith2.pdf