Cognitive Science 600 Schedule, Spring 08

Downloadable Readings
7 May Randy Harris Course structure, expectations, requirements Syllabus
14 May Paul Thagard, Philosophy What is Cognitive Science? "Being interdisciplinary," Paul Thagard
21 May Ori Friedman, Psychology Possession
28 May Amer Obeidi, Management Sciences Systems Thinking: Emotion and Perception in Decision Making
4 June James Danckert, Psychology Neglect
11 June Chris Eliasmith, Philosophy Theoretical Neuroscience
18 June Jonathan Fugelsang, Psychology Causality
Essay Proposals due
25 June Daniela O'Neill, Psychology The Emergence of Mental Models in Narrative
2 July Randy Harris, English Cognitive Rhetoric "Figure," Mark Turner
9 July Dan Smilek, Psychology Synaesthesia
16 July Marcel O'Gorman, English Flow
23 July Chrysanne di Marco, Computer Science Biomedical Natural Language Processing: Where Computer Science, Linguistics, and Biology Meet
30 July Student presentations
Essays due