COGSCI 600 Readings


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9 January Syllabus.
16 January

Thagard, P. (2010). Cognitive science. In R. Frodemena, J. T. Klein & C. Mitcham (Eds.), Oxford handbook of interdisciplinarity (pp. 234-245). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

23 January Schönefeld, Doris. (2011). Constructions [overview & introduction to first issue of journal]. Constructions 1
30 January

Striemer, C. and Danckert, J. (2010). Prism Adaptation Reduces the Disengage Deficit in Right Brain Damage Patients. Neuroreport 18: 99-103.
Danckert, James , Elisabeth Stöttinger, Nadine Quehl, and Britt Anderson. (forthcoming). Right Hemisphere Brain Damage Impairs Strategy Updating. Cerebral Cortex.
Danckert, James, Elisabeth Stöttinger, and Britt Anderson. ( 2012). Neglect as a Disorder of Representational Updating. In Psychology of Neglect. Ylenia Spiteri and E. M. Galea, editors. Nova Science Publishers.

6 February

Eliasmith, Chris. (In press). The Science of Cognition. In How to Build a Brain: A Neural Architecture for Biological Cognition. Oxford University Press, 10-41.

13 February Nadel , Lynn, and Howard Eichenbaum, (1999). Introduction to the Special Issue on Place Cells. Hippocampus 9: 341–345.
Johnson, Adam , Andre A. Fenton, Cliff Kentros, and A. David Redish. (2009). Looking for Cognition in the Structure within the Noise. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 13: 55-64.
20 February


27 February

Van Schaik, Carel. (2006). Why are some animals so smart? Scientific American. April 2006: 64-71.
Burkart, J.M., S. B. Hrdy, and C. P. Van Schaik. (2009). Cooperative breeding and human cognitive evolution. Evolutionary Anthropology 18:175-186.
Amanda Seed and Michael Tomasello (2010). Primate cognition. Topics in Cognitive Science 2: 407-419.

5 March

Hoey, Jesse, Craig Boutilier, Pascal Poupart, Patrick Olivier, Andrew Monk, and Alex Mihailidis.(2012). People, Sensors, Decisions: Customizable and Adaptive Technologies for Assistance in Healthcare. Working document.
NOTE: This paper is only available through the CogSci 600 D2L site (under "Assorted Files").

12 March

Marder E, and JM Goaillard . (2006). Variability, compensation and homeostasis in neuron and network function. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 7:563-74.
Marder E. (2011). Variability, compensation, and modulation in neurons and circuits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States. Supplement. 108  3:15542-8.
Bulloch, AG, and NI Syed. (1992). Reconstruction of neuronal networks in culture. Trends in Neuroscience. November. 15:422-7.

19 March

Burke, Kenneth. (1925). Psychology and Form. The Dial 79 (July): 34-46.
Fahnestock, Jeanne. (2005). Rhetoric in the Age of Cognitive Science. In Richard Graff, ed. The Viability of Rhetoric. New York: State University of New York Press, 159-180.

26 March Vincent, B.T., R.J.  Baddeley, T. Troscianko, and I.D. Gilchrist. (2009). Optimal Feature Integration in Visual Search. Journal of Vision, 9:1-11.
Anderson, Britt. (2011). There is no Such Thing as Attention. Frontiers in Psychology, 2:1-8.
Vincent, B.T. (2011). Covert Visual Search: Prior Beliefs are Optimally Combined with Sensory Evidence. Journal of Vision, 11:1-15.
2 April John Bohannon. (2011). Dance vs. Powerpoint, A Modest Proposal (TedTalk)
John Hutchins. (2001). Distributed Cognition.  In J. S. Neil and B. B. Paul (Eds.) The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, pp 2068-2072.