2 May
Me, you, Tully, rhetoric, life, the universe, everything Syllabus (Everitt, Clarke)
9 May
Invention, stasis theory De inventione.html De inventione.pdf (Everitt, Clarke, De oratore)
16 May
Genres of rhetoric Letters; De optimo genere oratorum (Everitt, Clarke, De oratore)
24 May
Victoria Day; no class
30 May
The rhetorical life De oratore
6 June
Cicero for the prosecution First Verrine
13 June
Cicero for the defence Pro Roscio
20 June
The obligations of the citizen De officiis III
27 June
Cicero takes on Antony Second Phillipic
4 July
Dialectic, rhetoric Topica
11 July
Presentations (commentaries)
18 July
25 July
Ciceronian rhetoric