contribute to discussions (always bring a document du jour), fulfill small assignments (assignment workshops, document critiques, etc.), and coöperate with others; be cheerful, thrifty, and brave


notice that this grade is for course participation, not (just) class participation. that is, it's meant to reflect your engagement with the materials of the course, and with the other participants of the course. in addition to my own evaluation of your involvement and commitment, everyone else in the class will have the chance to comment on your participation, and i will take those comments seriously.

at my end, i have a merit/demerit policy. merit will be awarded primarily on the quality of participation: asking relevant questions; making relevant observations; complementing or developing someone else's contribution; and generally taking a constructive part in the class; being cheerful, thrifty, and brave. quantity of participation is a positive factor to the extent that lots of quality contributions are somewhat preferable to a few quality contributions (but not to the extent of shutting out others). but calibre is much more important than volume. demerit will be assessed reluctantly, and only on the basis of repeated instances. the grounds for the demerit system are: absenteeism (you can't participate if you're not there); whispering, sniggering, or chatting while other people are addressing the class (or, especially, while other people are giving their presentations); or making lengthy, unfocused comments that draw away from the general thread of discussion (a.k.a., verbal wanking).


do not miss this: you will get an automatic grade of f- for course participation if you do not submit a memo grading and commenting on everyone else's course participation. some people, obviously, you may not have any informed opinion of-they're quiet in class, you don't have any 392a-relevant contact with them outside of class-but for everyone you form an opinion of, assign them a participation grade and submit it with a few justificatory comments, something like:

fred derf, C+
he was always talking, but didn't say much, and his comments seemed unduly negative.

wilma amliw, A
always helpful; very knowledgeable; constructive. i learned a lot from her analysis of repair manuals.

dino onid, --
he was quiet. i don't have an opinion about him.