The Gospel Tract and Bible Society's Mail Flyer

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The Gospel Tract and Bible Society are targeting all the people in my apartment complex, and others in the area with mailboxes. The target audience are those people who are either not Christian or do not belong to the Church of God in Christ.

The purpose of this flyer is to attract people to investigate the Gospel Tract and Bible Society, or investigate Christianity in general. The good folks are trying to save a few souls.

It is printed on a small 5" x 3" piece of bluish/gray paper on both sides. Because of its small size it is highly portable and is meant to be kept in a wallet or on a fridge for future reference.

There is only one typeface used in this flyer. It is a sans serif typeface, ranging in size from 14 pt, 10 pt, and 8 pt. Upper and lower case is used throughout the document and it is in both regular and bold face. The fact that there is only one typeface helps the serious and rather grave tone of the flyer: there is no flashiness here, just the basics. The ethos of the flyer is also enhanced, suggesting an organization who wants to be clear and serious in its message. Clarity is also enhanced since the flyer sticks with one typeface to make all the information clear, thus reducing visual noise. Conciseness and emphasis are aided as well because all the information, as the organization sees it, is equally important. Only one typeface is needed in this flyer--any more would detract from this organization's serious convictions.

At the inter level, 14 pt, boldfaced and centred headings are used at the tope of both pages to catch the eye and introduce the reader to the ideas presented on each page. There is also a good amount of white space around these headings which enhances their presence more. As such, these two facts enhance emphasis as the important idea for each page is highlighted. On the first page, clarity is drastically reduced after the first heading with the placement of a boldfaced 'and' in 8 pt. It is out of place here because it catches the reader's eye because of its placement and treatment, and hence is read in the incorrect order(also affecting arrangement negatively). 10 pt boldfaced headings are centred over their appropriate section and act as a labeling function to separate the left(the old life and Satan) from the right(the new life and Christ). This enhances the clarity, tone and ethos of the document, since it makes clear the serious nature of the document and one of the organization's purposes(compare and contrast). At the bottom of the first page are two centred and boldfaced biblical quotations which serve to sum up the ideas of the page, enhancing the clarity and tone of the flyer. On the second page of the flyer the main body of text is fully justified, and the first line of each paragraph is indented. Various important words are put in boldface. The lines of text are spaced with 2 pts of leading between each line. All of these facts hinder clarity because the eye is distracted by the boldfaced words and tends to skip the rest of the text. Because the lines of text are so close to each other, the page looks too busy--to much information is presented hindering clarity, emphasis, and conciseness.

The extra level on the first page includes a graphic of the holy cross, centred in the middle of the page. It is filled in in black for the top 3/7 of the cross, and filled in in white for the bottom 4/7. As a divider between the left side of text and the right side of text it helps in clarity. As a Christian symbol of faith it adds to the serious tone and ethos of the document. As well, the way it stands out on the page because of the black top, the cross catches the eye right away, and thus strengthens emphasis and conciseness; we realize at first glance that this flyer is about Christianity in some way. At the bottom of the cross, attached to it, is a black horizontal line which separates the summary text at the bottom from the deductive points of information, adding to the clarity of the document. On the second page are horizontal lines at the bottom of the page which act to highlight the organization's name and mailing address. This helps in clarity as it separates the organization from the rest of the text on the flyer. A horizontal bar of asterisks runs immediately beneath the address, but adds nothing to the flyer. It detracts from conciseness because it is simply not needed, and cheapens the look of the flyer, thus hindering the tone of the flyer.

This document is very poor at the supra level. Though there are headings at the top of each page, one is a mixture of upper and lower case while the other is in all caps. This aspect weakens arrangement, emphasis, and tone(is there a difference in importance between the first page and the second?). As well, the top and bottom margins of each page are different from each other, which further weakens the arrangement of the flyer. The left and right margins of each side are different from each other as well, weakening arrangement further.

The only people this flyer is going to attract are those who are already devout Christians, or those who are seriously thinking about investigating a new religion(note the word 'seriously'). Because of its information rich content, and its grave and serious tone, the flyer will put off all others. Where the first page of the flyer functions to draw the reader in, even the casual reader, the second page is too dense textually to be appealing to casual readers, thus losing their interest. Overall, the flyer looks too dense and serious to attract new converts, and hence fails.