WoW Worship: Today's 30 Most Powerful Worship Songs (Green) CD Cover

Context and Audience

Context and Audience

As a part of a series (3-part thus far), each WOW worship CD contains "Today's 30 Most Powerful Worship Songs" for the Christian audience. Although the album does not specifically say "WoW Worship Green", the separate colours (blue, orange, and now, green) for each CD in the series serve to help consumers and retailers differentiate each of the three CDs. Interestingly enough, the green album contains two covers: the old one, to maintain the ethos of the series, and a perforated side to allow the buyer to tear the old one off to reveal the new, or alternate, one. The newer green album cover portrays a contemporary feel, which reflects the songs within--not organ-filled, cathedral-like choral hymns, but rather music filled with percussion, guitars (acoustic, bass, electric, etc), keyboards, and vocalists. The company explains the change that "captures and communicates simple experiences, which we daily overlook . . ." Personally, I find the new design more appealing than the old, which is largely due to the rhetoric of the image(s) and the text, working together as a

Typography and Text

In comparing the contrasting the two cover styles, the typography of the old cover is in a serif-font that portrays an ancient or "used" feel. The kerning is also quite conventional, following a familiar tradition. Comparatively, the new cover has clean serif fonts, which adds to the contemporary feel of the CD and is suggestively reflective of "Today". The clean, straight edges of the contemporary san-serif font and the wide kerning in between characters also allow the eyes to see the words much easier, as it does not appear so "busy".

I am not entirely sure that the change from WOW to W( )W is very effective. Although the parentheses indirectly indicate that there is an image or a similar substitution for the letter "O", the company is quite inconsistent with how they "spell" the word, as a "tag" noun. The inner cover has multiple spellings, which include "WOW" and "WoW", whereas the website spells it, "W( )W" in various


The image(s) of the hands further add to the ethos of a contemporary feel. The hands serve a different purpose across the two covers. The images of the hands in the first cover functions more so as the ground than the figure. The multiple images of hands imply dancing and energy (as opposed to stiff conservative worship). However, because they are placed directly behind the text, the hands seem to create background "noise". On the other hand (no pun intended), the hands on the alternate cover seems to be a part of the figure as it operates as a part of the text-forming the "O" in "WOW". The single images of a pair of hands serve to imply reverence and individual worship. Furthermore, because there is no face attached to the hands (unlike the old cover, which show some faces), the CD cover seems to extend an invitation to anyone to

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