The compatibility issues with this page are endless. If you are using Omniweb, on OS X, it should work perfectly. If you are using Internet Explorer, it will work partially (rollovers and floating boxes disabled, but you get images, and a button to click for the course syllabus). If you are using Netscape 6.2, some of it works, but it's a mess (text overlaps, some rollovers fail). If you are using Netscape 7.0, Mozilla, or (Chimera's) Navigator, it can't even find the page; the preceding only goes for Mac versions, but I don't have any reason to believe the Windows version are any more compatible. I don't have any idea about iCab or Opera, but for anyone who tries to access them on one of these browsers, I would very much appreciate if you contact me about it ).
So, take your choice; I have no idea how these incompatibilies arose, or what's responsible for them (or I would have fixed them), except that GoLive is drving me nuts.
Click here, and (I hope to God) you should be able to download the English 392A, F02 syllabus: 392AF02.pdf.
Click here, and you can proceed to the troubled page and see what's up for your self: 392AF02.html.
Thank you for visiting; may the rest of your surfing experiences, and especially your course web pages, make for a more coherent experience.