Scholarly Articles and Papers  by Neil Randall

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*       “The Shifting Focalization and the Strategy of Delay,” Canadian Literature (Summer, 1991).



*       “Tactile Persuasion: Considerations of Ethos in the Design of the Push-Button Interface,” Canadian Journal of Rhetorical Studies, 1:1, Summer 1991.


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*       “Laughing at the Victim: Humour in St. Urbain’s Horseman,” Thalia, 2:4:37-45, Spring 1982


Recent Conference Papers


*       “(Mis)leading Information: The Role of Corporate Web Sites in the Discourse of Computer Technology”. [with Isabel Pedersen].  Texas Tech University Comparative Literature Symposium 1998.



*       “Metaphors of the Physical: Why the Internet Coheres”. [with Isabel Pedersen].  Internet Research 2000.


*       “The Neglected Senses in the Metaphors of Software Interfaces”. [with Isabel Pedersen]. National Communication Association 1998



*       Who Exactly is Trying to Help Us? The Ethos of Help Systems in Popular Computer Applications”. [with Isabel Pedersen]. ACM SIGDOC 1998



*       “The Role of Ethos in Internet-based University Courses” [with Isabel Pedersen]., Computers and Writing Conference 1998.