I am an Assistant Professor of Drama at the University of Waterloo. My scholarship focuses on historical performance reconstruction, digital visualizations of theatrical text and performance, the language and dramaturgy of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and theatre pedagogy. From a methodological point of view, I am interested in the intersections between theory and practice, so I also continue to work as a director-dramaturge both within and outside the university. Most of my work is collaborative and multi-disciplinary. I publish and present with my colleagues in diverse venues, including theatre, digital humanities, scholarship of teaching and learning, literature, linguistics, and design conferences and journals, as well as through live performance as a director and dramaturge. In the Department of Drama and Speech Communication at the University of Waterloo, I teach introduction to theatre, acting, theatre history, early English theatre, modern drama, and also direct department productions. Before joining UW in 2007, I taught at the Universities of Toronto, Windsor, and Ottawa.                                                                                                                  

Is There an Archivist in the Sim? SET goes to ASTR/TLA

Kathryn Harvey and I will be giving a plenary talk at the joint conference of the American Society for Theatre Research and the Theatre Library Association this Saturday morning, November 3. 

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The Simulated Environment for Theatre (SET)

SET is a digital system for visualizing the relationships between theatrical text and performance. Read more...


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Queen's Men Editions (QME)

QME is a series of digital performance editions of plays by Elizabeth I's company of actors. Read more...


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The Chester project explores the performance history and historiography of the Chester Cycle in 1572 and 2010. Read more...


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Shakespeare and the Queen's Men (SQM)

SQM is a series of research-based performances of plays in the repertoire of Elizabeth I's company, the Queen's Men. Read more…

Re-tuning Shakespeare is an investigation of the role of syllable-duration in Shakespeare's dramatic meters. Read more…


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Shakespeare's Language: A Praxis (SLP) explores the ways present scholars use new media to historicize Shakespeare's language.  Read more...

Introductory Theatre Studies As Praxis is an exploration of praxis-based pedagogy. Read more...


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Investigating the Effectiveness of Drama as a Learning Methodology and Means of Engaging Students in the School of Pharmacy is a project to extend the instructional methods used in therapeutics courses. Read more...


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Read about CanStage's A Midsummer Night's Dream in High Park and other projects in progress...

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Red Lion Alehouse recognizances 1596-1604

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