Download a copy of my CV: cv18.pdf


working papers:

(pdf copies can be downloaded from the Waterloo Economics Working Paper Series)

1. Water Innovation and Water Governance (with H. Li) - in progress, draft

2.  Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade (with A-D. Nimubona) - in progress

3. Border Effects and the Intensity of Competition (with A. Sen and Z. Chen) - in progress

4. Democratic Representation and the Provision of Public Goods (with T. Mergo and A-D Nimubona) - in progress

5. Sanctions, Aid and Corruption in Renewable Resource Extraction- in progress

published papers:

  1. 9.Adaptation to Climate Change and International Mitigation Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries, with H. Li, (working paper version here)

Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2018 forthcoming.

  1. 8.Border Effects Before and After 9/11: Panel Data Evidence Across Industries, with Z. Chen and A. Sen,

The World Economy, 39:10, 2016.

7. Renewable Resources, Pollution and Trade,

Review of International Economics, 24:2, 2016.

6. Green Technology Transfers and Border Tax Adjustments, with A-D Nimubona, 

Environmental and Resource Economics, 62:1, 2015.

5. Corruption, Conflict and the Management of Natural Resources,

Economics of Governance, 15:4, 2014.

4. Environmental Depletion, Governance and Conflict (appendix),

Southern Economic Journal, 78:4, 2012.

3. Transboundary Marine Resources and Trading Neighbours,

Environmental and Resource Economics, 53:2, 2012. 

2. The Effectiveness of the Canadian Antidumping Regime, with N. Malhotra,

Canadian Public Policy 35:2, 2009.

1. Antidumping Duties in the Agriculture Sector: Trade Restricting or Trade Deflecting?   with N. Malhotra and S. Kassam,

Global Economy Journal (B.E. Press) 8: 2, 2008.



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