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working papers:

(pdf copies can be downloaded from the Waterloo Economics Working Paper Series)

1. Adaptation to Climate Change and International Mitigation Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries (with Hongxiu Li) - revise and resubmit

2. Water Innovation and Water Governance (with H. Li) - in progress

3.  Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade (with A-D. Nimubona) - in progress

4. Border Effects and the Intensity of Competition (with A. Sen and Z. Chen) - in progress

5. Democratic Representation and the Provision of Public Goods (with T. Mergo and A-D Nimubona) - in progress

  1. 6. Sanctions, Aid and Corruption in Renewable Resource Extraction- in progress

published papers:

  1. 8.Border Effects Before and After 9/11: Panel Data Evidence Across Industries, with Z. Chen and

A. Sen, The World Economy, 39:10, 2016.   

7. Renewable Resources, Pollution and Trade,

Review of International Economics, 24:2, 2016.

6. Green Technology Transfers and Border Tax Adjustments, with A-D Nimubona, 

Environmental and Resource Economics, 62:1, 2015.

5. Corruption, Conflict and the Management of Natural Resources,

Economics of Governance, 15:4, 2014.

4. Environmental Depletion, Governance and Conflict (appendix),

Southern Economic Journal, 78:4, 2012.

3. Transboundary Marine Resources and Trading Neighbours,

Environmental and Resource Economics, 53:2, 2012. 

2. The Effectiveness of the Canadian Antidumping Regime, with N. Malhotra,

Canadian Public Policy 35:2, 2009.

1. Antidumping Duties in the Agriculture Sector: Trade Restricting or Trade Deflecting?   with N. Malhotra and S. Kassam,

Global Economy Journal (B.E. Press) 8: 2, 2008.



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