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Department of Psychology
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

[Derek Besner a la Warhol]


Research Interests

* word recognition; dyslexia; attention and automaticity

Selected Publications


Besner, D., & Risko. E. (2004). Stimulus-response compatible orienting and the effect of
an action not taken: Perception delayed is automaticity denied. Psychonomic Bulletin &
(in press).

Risko, E., Stolz, J.A., & Besner, D. (2004). Basic processes in reading: Is visual word
recognition ballistic? Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (in press).

Reynolds, M., & Besner, D. (2004). Contextual control over lexical and sub-lexical
routines in reading aloud. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (in press).

Stolz, J.A., Besner, D., & Carr, T.H. (2004). Semantic priming is robust but unreliable:
Automaticity, strategic control, and interpersonal stability in the activation and evaluation of
semantic knowledge. Visual Cognition (in press).

Roberts, M.A., & Besner, D. (2004). Stroop dilution revisited: Evidence for domain
specific limited capacity processing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception
and Performance
(in press)

Brown, M., & Besner, D. (2004). In sight but out of mind: Do competing views test the
limits of perception without awareness? Consciousness and Cognition (in press).

Raman, I., Baluch, B., & Besner, D. (2004). On the control of visual word recognition:
Changing routes versus changing deadlines. Memory and Cognition (in press).

Manwell, L., Roberts, M., & Besner, D. (2004). Single letter coloring and spatial cueing
eliminates a semantic contribution to the Stroop Effect. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (in

Reynolds, M., & Besner D. (2004). Effects of neighbourhood density, word frequency
and spelling-sound regularity in reading aloud: Similarities and differences between skilled
readers and a computational model. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 58, 13-31.

Besner, D., & Care, S. (2003). A paradigm for exploring what the mind does while
deciding what it should do. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology , 57, 311-320.

Besner, D., & Roberts, M. A. (2003). Reading non-words aloud: Results requiring
change in the Dual Route Cascaded model. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 10, 398-404.

Roberts, M., Rastle, K., Coltheart, M., & Besner, D. (2003). When parallel processing
in visual word recognition is not enough: New evidence from naming. Psychonomic
Bulletin & Review
, 10, 405-414.

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