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Alfa Romeo in Canada

This site is devoted to the preservation and restoration of Alfa Romeos in Canada.

The Montreal is for Sale!

I have listed the Montreal for sale as it is too much money for a grad student to have tied up in an extra car.

Photo of back of the car which I inexplicably left out of the ebay listing

As much as I love the environment, recycle, reuse, install energy saving bulbs, insulate the attic and generally act nicely towards mother nature, there really is nothing on earth that compares to starting up a four cam, hemi Alfa V8. It scares small children, the dog runs unstairs and hides in his bed and the new neighbors wonder at the wisdom of their home purchase. The front spoiler has arrived and it is awfully tempting to make a mold before mounting it. Cmon summer!..April 1, 2009


We took the Monti to lunch the other day. Di and I had pasta and the Monti had about 4 gallons of low octane. In an age when cars are designed to exactly reach their peak from 0-100 kph it's nice to drive an honest car that is geared for high speed motoring. 80 to 120 kph in this car are staggering. Just think about passing someone and you're already past them.. Aug 28, 2008


The Montreal tucked away for the winter but does get the opportunity to startle the neighbours with regular engine start-ups.. Jan 17, 2008

WANTED: the little grills just below the windshield wipers. I have yet to find a source for them.

Write to Colin Wallace at:   

Alfa Romeo Montreal of Diana Lobb & Colin Wallace

DIESEL STINKS! oh and it causes lung cancer and asthma, so when you're choosing a car, think about whose kid you might be harming if you choose diesel.





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