109m Presentation Program, Spring 2001

March 26th, 2:30-4:20pm
Section 01, Veronica Austen
Location: B1 271

Team Euclid: Graham Kent, Andrea Bartlett, Jeffrey Eng, Carlo DiStefano
-- developing a 1st year "Artsy Math Course" based upon the life and work of Rene Descartes

 Resources on Campus: Connie Cheung, Connie Ho, Wilson Kwan, Eric So
-- developing a web site to make resources on campus more accessible to students

 Focus on Bursaries: Mithran Chitsabesan, John Gerula, Sammy Huen, Gauttam Bajaj
-- assessing strengths and weaknesses of current scholarship/bursary
program and developing a web site to assist students in application procedure

 Home Away from Home: Amit Shah, Atul Sharma, Boris Jabes, Gabriel Kwok, Jason Wong
-- assessing difficulties international students may have and developing
a web site that will make the transition to U of Waterloo easier

 The Historians: Tien-Chieng (Jack) Feng, Nawa Hamdi, Linda Mann, Wes Foerster
-- developing a web site concerning the life and work of Newton to be
used as a supplement for a 1st year Math course

 COGNOS: James Yoon, Cristian Gaspar, Eugene Kravchenko, Michael Cuttle
-- developing a web site concerning the life and work of lesser known mathematicians to be used as a supplement for a 1st year Math course

Tuesday March 27, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Section 05, Valerie Creelman
Location: Arts Lecture (AL) 208

The Agency and RISC are both investigating student career options.

RISC (Research in Students’ Careers) Group : Tam Dac Do, Tony Kwok, Trevor Lane, Ki Bum Hong, Xiaoyu (Jasmine) Pan

The Agency: Huyen Bu, Patrick Lau, Adrian Lodge , Alexsandrs Santar

ISSG (International Student Survival Group): Shandy Clement, Haoquing (Hotwell) Zhu, Man-kit (Alston) Wong, Maggie Yu

Tuesday, March 27, 2:30-4:40
Section 02, Andrew McMurry
Location: B1 271

Actuaries Anonymous: Jin Choi, Winnie Guo, Nancy Lam, and Dean Newell
--strategies for funding your education

Vision Consultants Incorporated: Steve Young, Jeet Shroff, Mat Reive, Eric Lam, Katrina Koh
--the design and potential of quantum computers

Watguides: Ruth Fung, Angela Chan, Jonathan Capa, Man Yin Chan
--housing, health and career services for students

Project Piracy: Darryl McBurnie, Chris Modlmayer, Yoke Peng Tan, Irene Tao
--dangers of software piracy and countermeasures

Four Guys and an MP3 Player: Justin Brilot, Tom Strzelecki, Scott Williams, Michael Zhao
--the pros and cons of free music via the Internet  

Nadesca: Clayton Eu, Gabrielle Johnston, Xiaobei Li, Jeffrey Ma
--an international students website

Tuesday, March 27, 4:30pm-6:30pm
Section 10, Stephen Bennett
Location: B1 271

  “Group 5” : Steve Guidi, You Sup Lee, Diego Matute , Eric Yu
Case Study Topic: Great Moments or People in Mathematics and Computer Science

“Connect.com”: Donna Chiu, Jennifer Cho, Melissa Chung, Iris Ho
Case Study Topic: International Students Website

 “Digital Culture Committee” : Vincent Kwan, Jignesh Ruparelia, Alexander Wong. Maurice Yu
Case Study Topic: Digital Culture

 “The Price Choppers”: Stephen Grahlman, Christie Lambie, John Narin, Peter Stover
Case Study Topic: Changing Costs of University Education

“IntelMedia”: Angie Lam, Kitty Leung, David Lin, Mona Khabbazan, Maggie Tam
Case Study Topic: Digital Culture

Wednesday March 28th, 2:30-4:30
Section 08, Rob Muhlbock
Location: B1-271

TEAM S-(Female enrollment in the faculty of Math at UW): Riju Kapoor, Dawn Carruthers, Trevor McClean, Steven, Crowder, Weixing Lin.

THE INTERNATIONALS-(International Students) : Haneen Abu-Jarad, Niraj Gunanathan, Vinoja, Kumareswaran, Mehala Munnainathan.

 DIGTAL PIRATES-(Digital Culture: Napster, Video Game hacking etc.) Jason Cabral, Brent Pittman, Andrew Snyders, Lukas Camps, Raymond Lai,

DIGITAL INVESTORS-(Digital culture: chatrooms, copyright, software piracy etc): Syntheia Sin, Yan Tam, Chris Fogel, Philip Huang, John Huynh

 CHAT.COM-(Digital Culture particularly focusing on chatrooms) : Erin Crump, Sheena Kapoor, Sheena Kayaniyil, Reon Lam, Chun-Fung Wong

Thursday, March 29, 2001, 10:30-12:30
Section 4, Mike Truscello
Location: MC 2017

 Daily Digital Technology , "E-commerce" : Ryan Ralph, Jon Barber, Guoxiang Xiang (Andy), Pei-Hsi Wu (Ward)

 ROAST , "Alan Turing and Artificial Intelligence": Olga Konstantinova, Stefanus Du Toit, Angie Li, Rob Smith, Teresa Batten

 Defenders of Digital Culture , "Video Game Violence": Dae hee Cho, Neda Khanmohammad, Stephen Wilson

 Ye Olde Mathies , "Video Gaming": Shahzad Jessan, Anojan Sandrasegarampillai, Scott Bulgin

Thursday, March 29, 8:30-10:30

Section 09, Tim Paci

Location: MC 2017

 "Career Finders" (I've given them this name, since I can't seem to find their real name in my notes) : Shahzad Salim, Ali Madhani, Mitesh Pate, Wentian Liu, Wilson Leung
They are working to "raise awareness among students of the career options available to math and computer science students."

Student Services Research Team : Ali Ahmed, Ernest Chan, Kim De Wys, Abby Lo, Paula Yin
 Their goal is "to inform U of W students of the resources available to them on campus."

Student Information Society: Chris Gander, Theodore Waiki Lee, Hoyt Nowak, Brian Zubert
Their goal is "to make a website that will make information about all campus resources more assessible to the students of the U of W."

Tech-Spurts: Ed Cho, Joseph Young, Vicki Chan, Jon Cowan

Thursday March 29, 12:30 - 2:30
Section 07, James Wallace

Location: PHY 145

Team: Fermat's Little Team
Topic: Great People in Mathematics and Computer
Members: L. lee, S.S. Hon, C. Chow, R. Au, H. Dhalla

Team: Null Set
Topic: Recreational Math
Members: E. Aleyner, M. Brooks, D. DiGaetano, K.
Hamilton, S. Ward

Team: :-)
Topic: Digital Culture
Members: D. Woodley, S. Matheson, G. Rempel, M. Chow

Team: Cool Calc Kids
Topic: Digital Culture
Members: J. Wang, S. Markman, K. Swift, M. Maxwell

Team: Q-Marks
Topic: International Students Web Site
Members: J. Baskeran, M. She, R. Vinluan, S. Wong, W. Yu

Thursday March 29, 2:30- 4:30
Section 03,  Jacqueline Howse
Location: EL 101

Watchdog -- Internet Censorship: Umair Ali, Brian Kearns, Amy Cooper, David Copelovici, John Yang 

ISA (International Student Advisor) -- Resources for International Students: Feiyu Lan , Elwin Lau, Aries Lee , Barnaby Ma,  Kieran Monteil

The Professors -- Gauss (the mathematician): Sarah Bhanji , Hussein Fazal , Kah-Loon Kong , Peter Nikolakakos , Sabrina Rogoski

Student Saviours -- Resources for Students: Amit Gathani ,Tom Hopkins, Bryan Lai Fat Fur, Rizwan Younis

Resource Bank -- Resources for Students: Fengchi Cao, Jon DeYoung, Bilal Ibrahim, Hillary Ma, Jerry Czapinski